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Lycos is the manifestation of a sincere and meaningful understanding arising from the mission of serving high quality organic products to our people in general by producing high quality organic products with the power and inspiration of our historical values, from the fertile Lycian lands of Antalya / Kaş, which is known as the "Land of Light" in history. Organic farming and production is a philosophy and lifestyle for us rather than a method. To revive and share the spirit, climate, cultural and ecological riches of this ancient civilization that inherited from our ancestors ...
During our Romanian trip 2 years ago, we met the product called Organic Cannabis Seed Protein, also known as "Food of the Century".
Until now, we've known about names like drugs and marijuana. After recognizing and researching this product, the war of global powers against the Cannabis plant; We learned about the prohibition, image, propaganda etc. works. When we started using the Hemp Seed Powder / Protein product, we found that it added a new color and energy to our lives. Hemp was literally inside our DNA. He had all the minerals, ingredients, vitamins, amino acids, etc. we needed. As the Lycos Organic family, we are experiencing the happiest and most meaningful process of our life.
We believe in creating a revolution in health by bringing this miracle product and other Hemp Products to our people. This product will be a turning point for our Turkey. It will be the most valuable gift we will present to our country and our people. Our state, our nation, giving hand in hand with our non-governmental organizations and associations in agriculture and development at large - a powerful Turkey is our belief that we will reach the target exactly.

Our products are completely natural and fresh.

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